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Rail Container it is a company that has as the main target, the excellence for domestic and international transports in intermodal system, ensuring the high quality in the whole logistic chain with its production networking.
It bundles rail ports in all major areas from Romania.

The focus is on the high quality of the trucking services for the first and last mails, Rail-Road terminal services, block trains and wagon group products having as the main gates, the Black See via Constanta Harbour and also for Central and South-Eastern Europe, the borders Curtici, Episcopia Bihor, Giurgiu, Vidin and Galati. Due to cross-national production services with modern wagons fleet and reliable partners, our clients enjoy a central competitive advantage: fast and reliable green intermodal solutions, in the whole region at competitive prices.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality services both in terms of road transport for first-last kilometers, combined rail-road and rail, with the latter being the main choice in service delivery, as well as fullyloaded trains and groups of train cars.

We want to bring a contribution to the development of multimodal traffic in Romania nationwide, using specialized vehicles for the transport of containers to and from beneficiaries’ warehouses, offering an integrated package including transport, handling, storage of containers, repair and loading/unloading of goods in containers.

The services we offer provide in the intermodal terminals operated by us or by our partners are:

  • combined traffic technology or container transport along stabling tracks;
  • container transport in combined traffic (railway-auto-naval) to and from customer warehouses to container terminals, using specialized transport vehicles;
  • container handling services on and off train cars or auto trains and ultimately delivering to the client;
  • handling of loading / unloading and trucking of general commodities received or delivered through our terminals (conventional train cars);
  • providing a secured storage space in all our terminals

All terminals that we operate use as main gateway the Black Sea port of Constanţa and land borders Curtici, Episcopia Bihor, Vidin, Giurgiu, Galaţi and Dorneşti for Central and South – Eastern Europe.

Because we developed transport services that cross Romania from East to West and North to South, and we have a modern fleet of cars and trucks, our customers have an important advantage in the market, with fast solutions, based on intermodal transportation, environmentally friendly, with competitive prices in the entire region.

Advantages of combined traffic are:

  • the use of a single loading unit, using multiple means of transportation (road, rail, maritime);
  • the goods do not suffer intermediate manipulations;
  • departures and arrivals can be correlated to customer needs;
  • integrity of all goods throughout the entire transport stream without client intervention at ITU transshipment points between transport modes;
  • charging facilities;
  • rapid and rhythmic transports, thus ensuring an optimal time between sender and recipient (door-to-door);
  • Safe and useful information about the duration and route of transport.
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