About Us

Rail Container it is a company that has as the main target, the excellence for domestic and international transports in intermodal system, ensuring the high quality in the whole logistic chain with its production networking.

Our Team
Our adventure started on January, 2011 when we understood that these services are missing into the Romanian Market. Our Team, have included professional and dedicated Team players, that has as the main mission, the Client satisfaction, developing customise solutions for each business approaching. Rail Container’s Team, competent and friendly, will be more than happy to help you. Our team is looking forward to any challenges.
Our Management
It is Young and tenacious, constantly being in a seeking of the best solutions for our Clients, having the top experience in all domains which are compose the Intermodal services, as following: railway transport, road transports, warehousing, rail ports, investments, domestic and international intermodal market.

Regular routes

transport containere

Ploiesti ↔ Constanta (see schedule...)

Bacau ↔ Constanta (see schedule...)

Deva ↔ Constanta (see schedule...)

Miercurea Ciuc ↔ Constanta (see schedule...)

Territorial Coverage