About Us

Rail Container it is a company that has as the main target, the excellence for domestic and international transports in intermodal system, ensuring the high quality in the whole logistic chain with its production networking.

Our Team
Our adventure started on January, 2011 when we understood that these services are missing into the Romanian Market. Our Team, have included professional and dedicated Team players, that has as the main mission, the Client satisfaction, developing customise solutions for each business approaching. Rail Container’s Team, competent and friendly, will be more than happy to help you. Our team is looking forward to any challenges
Our Management
It is Young and tenacious, constantly being in a seeking of the best solutions for our Clients, having the top experience in all domains which are compose the Intermodal services, as following: railway transport, road transports, warehousing, rail ports, investments, domestic and international intermodal market.
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RAIL CONTAINER S.R.L. treats with the utmost importance the identification of expectancies of clients and other parties, interested in the supply of services regarding the transportation of containers in combined traffic to and from the warehouses of beneficiaries, by means of trucks and specialized trailers, with the sole purpose of gaining a competitive edge while still adhering to the applicable laws pertaining to protecting the environment, security and workplace related health regulations.

The main objective of RAIL CONTAINER S.R.L. and concern of each and every employee is the fulfillment of our clients' needs and expectations, by swiftly providing quality services, whilst ensuring a tight control of environmental and risk factors such as accidents or work-related illnesses, all to maintain the trust of our existing clients and towards gaining new ones.

As such, RAIL CONTAINER S.R.L. has decided to implement and develop an Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Security and Occupational Health) based upon provisions of SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and OH SAS 18001:2008 standards

In accordance with the policy regarding quality, environment, security and occupation health, the highest level of management of RAIL CONTAINER S.R.L. has set the following main objectives:

  • implementation and certification of the Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Security and Occupational Health);
  • meeting and exceeding the expectations of all interested parties (clients, employees, suppliers, partners, regulatory bodies);
  • the increase of the number of clients by enforcing agreed contractual terms and conditions and by delivering services complying to current regulations, national and european;
  • ensuring full conformity with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activity in question;
  • improvement of environmental performance of the company by ensuring the lowest possible level of environmental in any undertaken activity;
  • improvement of performance in the field of security and occupational health by ensuring a minimal risk level at all work places, through instruction of the personnel, planning of periodical medical checkups and provision of adequate individual protection equipment;
  • raising awareness of employees regarding the importance of fulfilling our customers' needs and, at the same time, any and all legal and statutory regulations.

The highest level of managements commits to::

  • ensure the human, material and financial resources required for the documentation and implementation of the policy and objectives pertaining to the fields of quality, environment, security and occupation health, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, our employees and the required legal regulations;
  • periodically analyze the efficiency of the integrated management system, the accomplishment of set objectives and any possible improvements that can be implemented;
  • to maintain and continuously improve the integrated management system, by means of permanent monitoring of processes and the analysis of data based on real life situations.
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